DMT, also known as “God’s molecule,” is known to be the most powerful drug globally, also produced naturally in the human body. This substance causes hallucinations when taken externally.Its preparation is similar to ayahuasca, from plants, but it is known that it also occurs naturally in the human body in certain situations, such as birth, orgasm, or in the moments near death.

This last situation could explain the hallucinations or visions that some individuals claim to have had when they believed they would die. Studies on DMT are scarce, but high production of this substance has been linked to disorders such as autism or schizophrenia, although more research is needed in this regard.
Because it is a prohibited substance in many countries, scientists have developed homologous substances with small modifications in their structure, but that generate similar positive effects in the body. This is how 4-aco-dmt was born, a compound that can be commercialized because it is structurally different from DMT.
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